Monthly Archives: August 2011

Good Days & Bad Days

Yesterday at my group therapy session, we talked about the difference between good days, and bad days. What makes a good day a good day? What makes a bad day a bad day? We discussed this for a little bit, and I realized something about what the difference is between my good days and my […]

Why Are You Doing This To Us?

Several times over the past few months, I have heard this question asked by the voices in my head. “Why are you doing this to us?” It makes me think sometimes that I have actually done something to them, that I shouldn’t have done. In reality, all I have really done is try to ignore what […]


After I was released from my third hospitalization in early May of this year, I spent about five days at an adult social rehabilitation facility. We agreed that this would be part of my aftercare, as it would help prevent relapse. It seemed like a good idea, but I did not like being there. There […]

Restraining Order?

Earlier this morning while I was chanting, I heard a voice trying to explain that the reason why they had to follow me from a distance, and could not get any closer to me, was because a restraining order had been filed against them, prohibiting them from getting any closer to me. I remember in […]

Another Week in the Psychiatric Unit

When I was admitted to the hospital for the third time, I didn’t even really feel like I belonged there. I thought all the other patients were there for legitimate reasons except for me. I had really begun to believe in the reality that my voices were creating, and as long as I thought of […]