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Invincible Conviction

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I went to my therapy appointment yesterday, and then to my Kaiser group afterward. Both meetings were helpful and encouraging. I talked to my therapist about Monday’s blog post. She had read over it, and we discussed a few of the things I had written about. First we went over why I started to rethink […]

My Gratitude List

I read an email from a freelance writer’s blog earlier today. One of the suggestions listed on the blog was to write a gratitude list of everything that you are thankful for. I thought this was a good idea, so here is mine: 1. my wonderful husband & his loving family 2. my own life, […]

Fighting The Battle For My Happiness

I also woke up to several voices who said they were angry because of the book I’m writing, and because of my Buddhist practice. They don’t think I should write a book about my life because of how it might affect the other people who were involved. They also don’t think I should make money off of […]

Changing Karma & Challenging Obstacles

I chanted for an hour this morning, and read an encouraging article in the World Tribune, my Buddhist newspaper that I subscribe to. Often, I chant to be able to change my karma, or to turn my karma into my mission. I was reading about the experience of a man in Baltimore who found a […]

A New Website

I spent most of yesterday afternoon trying to set up a website to promote myself as a freelance writer. Unfortunately, I didn’t get very far. I tried a couple of website builder programs, but both of them were too complicated, and I couldn’t get the web pages to look how I wanted them to look. […]