Monthly Archives: December 2011

Christmas & the New Year

I woke up early this morning, and chanted for an hour. Afterward, I went with John’s parents and his brother to a Catholic mass in Morgan Hill. I said a silent prayer for John’s sister who died last summer. I also said a silent prayer for John and both of our families. I read a […]

From Today Onward

Honim Myo. In Japanese, this means “from today onward”, or “from this moment on”. Honim myo is one of my favorite Buddhist sayings. It is especially encouraging to me, because when I think about living “from today onward”, I am able to start each day with a renewed determination. I renew and refresh my hopes, […]

Writing Down Specific Goals for the New Year

I started off the morning by chanting for a little over an hour. My goal is to chant at least two hours a day. I hope to do most of my chanting first thing in the morning. That leaves me with the rest of the day to focus on writing, cleaning, and miscellaneous shopping. This […]

I’m Doing Better At Managing My Illness

John and I returned from Fort Collins on Wednesday, and today he went back to work. We’ve been going back and forth quite a bit, trying to decide if we want to buy a house or condo in South San Jose, or stick with the a manufactured house we like in Sunnyvale. It’s a tough […]

Christmas Shopping In Estes Park, Colorado

Today John & I drove to Estes Park with my mom & dad. We ate pizza for lunch, did some window shopping, and drove into Rocky Mountain National Park. My dad bought a few different flavors of saltwater taffy. I tried a lemon-flavored piece, and it wasn’t even sour! We also explored a Christmas store […]