Monthly Archives: December 2012

No Longer Giving the Voices Power!

I’ve noticed over the past few days that the voices (the yelling male voice & the quiet male & female voices) have been less present. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with John’s family and enjoyed an excellent prime rib and ham dinner, courtesy of our brother-in-law. I realized late in the day on […]

New Coping Techniques To Disregard the Voices

I met with my psychiatrist early Monday morning. We mainly discussed the fact that I’ve stopped taking the anti-psychotic medications that he had been prescribing for me. I had been on 800mg of Seroquel XL and 9mg of Invega, both of which I stopped taking. He was definitely glad that I told him about the […]

How Our Lives Have Changed

I haven’t heard much from the voices these past few days in Colorado. A little yelling, and a little whispering here and there but that’s about it. I really enjoy spending time with my mom and dad and I only wish that John had been able to join me. I know that he’s really supporting […]

True Joy Can Be Found In the Midst of Challenges

My brother-in-law’s funeral service is this morning, and I am visiting my parents in Colorado. John stayed behind to be with his family. As much as death is a part of life, we are never prepared for someone’s passing. John’s brother’s death is a loss shared by all of us. I’m glad that I’m able […]