Monthly Archives: January 2013

Finding Encouragement in Life

We had our first couples therapy session last night and I think it went really well. I’m really glad John and I are starting couples therapy together. I took Savannah for a walk earlier today, and I barely heard a single voice. I heard a brief shout once but that was about it. It was […]

Having a Bad Headache

I’ve had a bad headache since Sunday. I keep taking Advil, but it doesn’t help. This morning I sent my doctor an email to see what she recommends. I am hoping that these periodic headaches don’t worsen and become full-blown migraines. My dad suffers from migraines, but I never have. When I get headaches like […]

Sharing My Experience at a Buddhist Meeting

John came with me to my Buddhist study meeting last night and during the last half of the meeting, we had an open discussion. I was able to share a little bit of my experience from the past few years and I was very glad that I did. I wasn’t quite sure what to say […]

Happy New Year! Here’s to Great Communication Skills!

Happy New Year! John & I had a terrific dinner in Capitola on New Year’s Eve with grilled mahi mahi and rice. Delicious! We walked back in the chill night air counting stars along the way. I invited a friend to join me for New Year’s prayer at the Buddhist center and afterward John and […]