Monthly Archives: July 2015

Late Afternoon

The water along the far canal looked the same avocado-green color it always did. I saw the same small tufts of mud and weeds along the shoreline. It was a windy day, but the water shimmered only slightly in the late afternoon sunlight. The long cattail reeds swayed softly before us. Nothing about the view from […]

It Is Rare to Be Born A Human Being

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This nightmare still isn’t over yet. I keeping hoping the end will come soon, but I still hear the screaming and yelling around me. I had a nice walk with Savannah this morning, but I was so upset from last night, that I think I exhausted myself. My husband and I are still not able […]

Fighting the Good Fight

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I’ve been somewhat at a loss for “words” lately and haven’t been motivated to post to this blog. I stated that I would announce on this blog the day S & the few remaining monstrous crazy people leave. As of this writing, they are all still here.  I’ve developed a fairly consistent daily routine that […]