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  Courage, strength and wisdom well up in those who consciously take on everything as the protagonist and person responsible for achieving their goals. Unlimited wisdom and ardent resolve arise from a sense of responsibility. – Words of Wisdom by Daisaku Ikeda

My 2014 Lawsuit

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Here’s what happened this morning. Yesterday I figured I still have at least one more topic to write about in terms of exposing the effect my family’s behavior has had on my own life. The financial aspect. Rather than sitting around moping, feeling as if I am being starved out of house and home. I […]

His Own Little Universe (updated)

The thing about Jeff is that he sees the world only from his perspective and no one else’s. He’s extremely self-centered and as far as I can tell, cares for no one or nothing but himself. The things that he has been saying make sense to no one but himself, and for some reason, he either […]

Until They Leave

It’s 7:45am. I woke up to hear J Myers asking (remember all these people are still in the house next door) if there is an address where he can be written in Vietnam where he’s going to stand trial. The only thought I had was who on earth would write to him in Vietnam? My […]

Examples of Their Behavior

I came home from walking Savannah this afternoon and D Hoffman started up again with his mumbling in my ear. Of course this has (almost) always been at the behest of Jeff Myers. Both of them refuse to stop this behavior. Here’s an example of what they do for the better part of every day. […]