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Life On Earth

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As far as I can tell, for whatever the reason, the people who are responsible for perhaps 80% of the worlds international narcotics trafficking are all here in Spc 64. They are murders, rapists, torturers and terrorists. They have attempted to destroy the U.S. by corrupting and manipulating the government, forcing people into addiction, and […]

One Year Anniversary At Spc 64

Based on the fact that the people who constantly torment, harass, and abuse me on a daily basis are still present in the house next door, I decided to write a more specific and detailed blog post(s) about what’s been happening over the past year, as well as more detailed information about the events of […]

The U.S. Is A Failed, Miserable, State

see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

If I was trapped inside a house that I repeatedly refused to leave on any one of a number of occasions and then was told that I was going to be exterminated like a rat in a cage, you know what I’d do? I’d say, “Fuck you, go fuck yourself, and then go fuck off […]

Martha’s Vineyard?

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Yesterday, a few neighbors appeared to be having some sort of a garden party in the backyard of the house next door. Curtis lives there with either an Asian male or female. Things got noisy yesterday afternoon when people started taking pictures and drinking. I was reminded of all the parties I never attended at […]

Women’s Self-Empowerment

women, women's empowerment, feminism

A lot of women and young women feel pressure to respond to the needs of men, primarily because they are usually in the role of caretakers. Women have a natural inclination to nurture and take care of others as they are the ones typically responsible for raising children. In the U.S., women are primarily viewed […]