Monthly Archives: November 2017

The Deadline Spc 64 – Cult

It’s 6am on Friday morning, and so far we are still meeting with resistance from a few people who seem to think I am living off of my “free U.S. government entitlement subsidy,” or whatever they call the money they think they should give to poor people or people with “disabilities.”  I get a Social […]

Playing Games

I am really tired of the terrorists in the house next door playing games with me. They seem to enjoy living in Spc 64 and don’t want to leave. For some reason, they use me as an excuse to procrastinate coming clean, going through detox and accepting whatever criminal charges they might be facing. ALL […]

The Marijuana Terrorist


I told Jim I was asleep and talking to him in my dream. He lit a cigarette and I asked him if he was talking to me in his dream. Then the dream ended as he wrapped himself up in a single white sheet and walked away. My ex had already turned me into the […]