Eight Action Areas of Culture of Peace

Eight Action Areas of Culture of Peace Fostering a culture of peace through education. Promoting sustainable economic and social development. Promoting respect for all human rights. Ensuring equality between women and men. Fostering democratic participation. Advancing understanding, tolerance and solidarity. Supporting participatory communication and free flow of information and knowledge. Promoting international peace and security.

Winning Over Ourselves

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In Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism, we learn about taking responsibility for our own lives and for our own happiness, rather than relying on some external factor like a job, car, house or another person. We learn that we should not attempt to change the other person , but rather work

The Butterfly Effect

The Nine Levels of Consciousness The nine levels of consciousness is a Buddhist system describing the makeup of the conscious and subconscious realms of life. The 8th consciousness is the alaya consciousness. Alaya is a Sanskrit word meaning “storehouse.” The 8th consciousness is a “karmic storehouse” where causes and effects resulting from all one’s thoughts, words, and