Going To L.A.

We’re riding down to L.A. to visit John’s brother for the weekend. We’re going to spend Saturday walking for the annual Relay for Life, an event that supports cancer research. Right now it’s almost 1am. I took some notes on some voices I heard a little while ago, and decided to post to my blog. This time from my phone.

I heard someone saying something about my book. They were trying to get me to make an agreement with them. They want me to agree not to publish a book or post to my blog about my past experiences. It seems like the same situation as a few months ago when they were trying to get me to stop practicing Buddhism. They say that I’m selfish, that I only care about myself, and that I have to give something up because they also had to give something up. I seem to be at the center of it. They are also worried about the effect my book might have on former coworkers, roommates & friends. I am not sure about this.

I used to live with the constant fear & threat of someone dying because I believed their threats. I don’t believe them anymore, but sometimes they still threaten me. I think we’ll have a great weekend & I’m not giving up.

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