Starting An SGI Buddhist Mental Health Group

I created a new Facebook author page for myself today, so now I have two Facebook pages. My new Facebook page I am linking to this website and it will provide information about my memoir, as well as notes and news about mental health issues, writing resources, and publishing. Please feel free to check it out!

I went to my monthly Buddhist discussion meeting last night and it was a really wonderful meeting. We had such an encouraging, inspiring experience from one of our woman’s members about her struggles with her first baby. Every time someone shares their own personal experience about how they have won in their lives with their Buddhist practice, I am encouraged. I always come away with an encouraging piece of guidance or an inspiring tidbit that reassures me that yes, I too can achieve my dreams! This never give up spirit would never be possible without the support and encouragement from the SGI. I know some people turn up their nose at organized religion, but it is so much more encouraging with other peoples’ support!

SGI Buddhist Altar
SGI Buddhist Altar

I also mentioned to one of my Buddhist friends that I will be co-hosting CureTalk’s first panel discussion on mental health in May. A few weeks ago I saw her at the Buddhist Center and she mentioned that she and another young woman are interested in starting a mental health group specifically for SGI members. I think this is a wonderful idea! I know there are many other SGI Buddhists who would really benefit from a mental health support group, and exploring mental health issues from a Buddhist perspective. I’ve been using my Buddhist practice to help improve my own mental health for many years, but it’s a great idea to have a support group for other Buddhists to share their experiences with their own mental health and their Buddhist practice. Even those who have loved ones struggling with their mental health could use the support! This is definitely a worthwhile undertaking, and I’m really looking forward to getting something like this going within the SGI!

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