A Book Proposal

I bought a book called Thinking Like Your Editor that is great for getting started on writing nonfiction and nonfiction book proposals. I spent all afternoon today writing a book proposal. My proposal included the actual proposal itself, a Table of Contents, and a sample chapter. A total of about six pages altogether. I have a feeling it’s supposed to be longer than that, but it seems about right for the time being. While I was writing I heard a voice threatening to kill my husband if I decided to go ahead and write a book. For once, I enthusiastically kept going, and finished my book proposal. I’ve almost finished the book that I bought, Thinking Like Your Editor, and I managed to track down four or five agent names and addresses that might be suitable for helping me publish my book. It’s actually very exciting. I even emailed my proposal to my mom, so she could give me some feedback.

I have had second thoughts about my blog though. After all, why would anyone bother to buy a book, when they can just read about me online for free? My answer to that is my blog is not a very complete, detailed story about my past experiences. My blog is usually what I come up with on the spur of the moment, and it’s how I put my immediate feelings, thoughts, and emotions in writing. A book would be a much more detailed and comprehensive story of my illness and how I’ve managed in the past and present. I guess that’s how I think of it. I just hope I don’t have to stop posting to my blog in order to write a book. If I find an agent that is!

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