A Cult of Targeted Persecution

I started calling the constant stalking, mocking and harassment “persecution” a few years ago. For the first at least eight years (2002-2009/2010) I believed I had done something to justify their behavior. This was before I was aware of the involvement of my four immediate family members. Around 2010, I realized that I had done nothing specific to any of these people that would have warranted their horrific behavior. In my own mind, and in reality, I am still being persecuted by various people who have come and gone over the years.

While there was never any direct reason for this type of targeted persecution, (I write “targeted” because I am the only person who has been targeted in this way by this specific group of people), looking back I would call it a “cult of targeted persecution.” When I became aware of the involvement of my direct family members, I began trying to understand what had prompted their behavior over the years. Sam McKellar’s lies he manufactured about me over the years were part of this “targeted persecution,” but I had never met Sam McKellar and never learned his motives until recently. In 2016 I figured out his correct first name and last name.

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My siblings’ and parents’ motives I never understood. I merely learned last August (2016) that their opinion of me for my entire life was completely different from what I had always believed – effectively turning all four of them into strangers over about a nine month period of time. While their motives for targeting me in the way they did do not make any more sense, there is a greater explanation for the behavior.

Jeff Myers indirectly blamed me for causing “all of his life’s problems” and targeted me for persecution in the sense that I was the person who brought Sam McKellar into his life and by extension the subsequent reduction of his illicit narcotics trafficking scheme. Prior to this time, he shared the opinion of my other immediate family members that I was a slut/prostitute/escort.

My mom apparently did know who Sam McKellar was since 2002 (although perhaps by a different name) since he showed up with the police, Warren Myers and Preston Scott the night I drove from Oxnard to Sunnyvale. She never once mentioned him to me and continues to refuse to discuss the issue to this day. She, along with my other three immediate family members, have always maintained that I have a severe psychiatric illness: schizophrenia.

What ended up happening was that such a vast number of people were deceived and sucked into this nightmare, that a “cult of persecution” was created with large numbers of people attacking me personally for absolutely no reason whatsoever (based only on other peoples’ lies as well as their own).

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