A Great Example of World Peace in San Francisco

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I’m continuing to make progress and I feel like I’m leaving the voices further and further behind. Emotionally I’m doing much better than before, especially last year. I continue to make progress on my memoir, and I’m really making an effort to delve into the issues I was dealing with at various times in my past. It’s not easy, but definitely a valuable process to go through.

John and I spent a few hours in Union Square on Saturday afternoon. It was such a beautiful day in San Francisco with amazingly warm weather! We bought a cappuccino to drink and sat down on some steps in the middle of the square with a view of Macy’s in the background. Not only was it an incredibly beautiful day, but we watched for some time a small group of young children running around wildly as they laughed and screamed while being chased by a little remote control car. I looked around to see who was controlling the car, and spotted a tall, middle-aged, African-American man with a black control box in his hands on the far side of the square. He was standing off to one side making the car zip around the middle of the square, zooming after one child, then another.

Union Square

Watching this scene made me smile. It was so funny, and I could tell the car’s owner was enjoying himself almost as much as the little kids who were running away from his car, laughing and shrieking with delight. There were a lot of other people in Union Square that day too – people having drinks,  artists sketching drawings, families talking, couples resting in the warm sun, and tourists watching the kids running around in circles with the remote control car like I was. What was truly wonderful about the scene I took in was not so much the children’s enjoyment at being chased by a fast, little car, but rather the incredible diversity of all who were participating. The man with the remote control car was African-American, and the children might have represented every region of the world – Asia, Europe, India, Latin America, and of course the U.S. To me, this was a perfect example of world peace. A small group of children being entertained by one man, and they were all from different races! The little Asian boy paid no attention to the fact that he was running around with an Indian boy and a Caucasian girl, who in turn were being chased by a car controlled by an African-American man. What a wonderful way to pass the time in San Francisco, and encourage everyone to appreciate this country’s diversity rather than attempt to destroy it.

Thank you owner of the remote control car! You’re wonderful!!



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