A New Strategy

I heard some more voices yesterday afternoon while I was doing Pilates exercises and chanting. I tried not to listen. They were saying something about how “my argument was absurd”. As I have mentioned before, the voices that I hear, (and usually these types of auditory hallucinations in general) are negative. I went to my therapist appointment that evening, and she suggested that when I hear voices to try just letting them pass through my mind without thinking about or dwelling on what they are saying, or trying to make sense of what they say, or wonder if I heard them correctly. She wanted me to try this to see how it works, kind of like an experiment. I said I would try it, and see what happens.

Sometimes its hard not to react to what I hear. My husband constantly reassures me that the voices aren’t real, so I shouldn’t let them bother me. Still, sometimes I worry or get concerned about what I hear, especially if there are threats. I think it’s the threats that bother me the most, although I am getting better about not paying attention to the voices, and not letting them get to me.

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