A Nice Weekend

We moved the last of our furniture out of the apartment on Saturday and into storage. We turned in our keys, so we no longer have our apartment! We took one last picture of us in our empty apartment before we left. Fortunately for us, it waited until Sunday to rain. We went over to John’s sister’s house yesterday for a delicious brunch. We brought mimosas, and ate too much. For the most part, the voices that I have heard, I’ve been able to ignore. I don’t think about them that much, and I’ve stopped trying to make sense of what they say. This is still a constant challenge for me, and it’s something I will always be working on. It is much better than being worried all the time, and always trying to figure out something that has never made sense, and never will.

I didn’t chant on the weekend, but I woke up early this morning, put the laundry in, and chanted for half an hour. Since I posted my profile on Linked In, I’ve joined a Women’s Memoir group, and some other freelance writing groups. I’ve received a few comments from other women who have read my blog, and found it helpful. I’m glad I’m able to encourage other people!

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