A Nice Weekend

We had a nice weekend, and now it’s back to work! My husband and I took the scenic route to Gilroy yesterday, and it was a very beautiful drive. We passed through golden brown rolling hills, with large expansive houses scattered here and there. We passed by Calero and Uvas Reservoirs, and stopped to take pictures at Uvas. It was a bright, warm, sunny day! I was wearing a tank top, and was glad it didn’t get cold enough to have to put a jacket on.

We enjoyed ourselves at my in-laws. We had grilled chicken for dinner with rice and beans. John’s brother and sister joined us for dinner, so it was a nice evening. The amazing part is that I didn’t hear any voices for the entire weekend! What a relief! I’m always so glad when I don’t have symptoms. I’m also always a little surprised as well, but pleasantly surprised.

I’m looking forward to my Tuesday afternoon group session tomorrow, and we also have a meeting tonight at 7pm with my Kaiser therapist. I enjoy my therapy session, especially when my husband participates. That way he can get someone else’s perspective as well. I actually see two separate therapists and a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist and one of the therapists are at Kaiser, the second therapist (who I see weekly) is at a private clinic. The Kaiser therapist I can’t see weekly, so we decided to find a second therapist for individual, weekly visits. The Kaiser therapist we’ve been seeing together, but only once every six weeks or so.

I’m excited and a little anxious to get started writing on my book project. I ordered a book on how to write a memoir, so I’m hoping that will help. I sent my book proposal to four prospective agents last week. I’ll probably send it out to a few more over the next few days. I talked to my mom on Saturday, and she said she thought writing a book was a really good idea. I love my mom and dad. They are always very encouraging.

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