A Physics & Buddhism Article

Today my husband and I woke up earlier than we did yesterday. We ate breakfast, and went to the gym. We enjoyed ourselves playing basketball in the gym. The basketball was stuck in between the hoop and the backboard, so I used another basketball to knock it down. We finished our workout, and then went out to lunch with my mom and dad. My mom, dad, John and I thought that the soup and sandwiches we had were delicious. We walked around downtown window shopping for a half an hour or so, then we came back home.

A few months ago I started writing an article on Haiti that I’m still working on. I bought a book on Haiti written by Paul Farmer, and decided to finish writing the Haiti article when I finish reading the Haiti book. Last night I thought of another good article topic. I was watching a newscast on black holes, and it reminded me of a NOVA program that I was watching before we left Gilroy. The NOVA program was describing why physicists believe there are more than 4 dimensions in the universe. SGI President Ikeda has written in his essays that as science continues to progress, it starts to support Buddhist teachings. I decided to write an article to examine current physics research, and look at the similarities between Buddhism and what physicists have discovered about the nature of the universe.


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