A Strange Dream – What Does It Mean?

I woke up early this morning and remembered enough of a strange dream to be able to write most of down. I am not really able to decipher it’s meaning however, so I thought I would share it on my blog.

My dream began with me at my present age leaving my parents’ former Presbyterian church. I walked with my mom outside toward the parking lot and I saw a friend of mine from my Buddhist group. She was singing a song using a microphone and there were several people from my parents’ church listening to her sing. My mom wanted me to sing as well, but I was reluctant. I figured that I would go ahead and sing one song because I thought that the group organizing the singing performances only required the singers to sing one song. I walked up to the event organizer, only to discover that it was Chuck Norris sitting at the long table waiting to talk to me. Instead of requiring each singer to perform only one song, each singer was required to perform three songs! This was unacceptable to me, and I told Chuck Norris that I refused to sing at all. There was no way I was going to sing in front of such a large group of people who would just laugh at me because I don’t sing well. I left with my mom and apologized to her in the car as we were leaving. I had upset her by refusing to sing.

The next part of my dream I was in an elevator going up. When I got out, I found myself in a foreign country that I didn’t recognize. I looked around and saw green mountains, a few trees, and small houses with tombstones interspersed here and there. I saw a woman in her front yard watering the flowers. I stood gazing at the landscape for awhile and determined that I was in Austria. I decided that I didn’t want to stay in Austria and returned to the elevator. A man was in the elevator with me this time, and when I saw what floor he was going to, I was afraid. He had pushed the button for floor 106 and I was afraid of heights! I didn’t want to go up that high in the elevator, but it was too late. The elevator door opened and I found myself in another foreign country on a university campus. I walked around for awhile and decided to stay. I saw a couple of tall, blond women and starting speaking with one of them. She invited me to join her, and I followed her to her class. Along the way I took a picture of a small stream that I crossed. We entered her classroom, and the professor was speaking English. I saw the name of the university written on the wall on a long banner, and I recognized the language as Swedish. I was in Sweden! I had joined the young woman’s English class at a university in Sweden. This explains why the professor was speaking English. I saw a sentence written on the board at the front of the room – the first word was “Yah”.

My husband John didn’t know where I was, but fortunately he tracked me from the picture I had taken with my iPhone. My picture of the stream had automatically uploaded to Photo Stream, so he had access to it as well. He now knew that I was in Sweden.

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