A Wonderful Staycation!

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My husband had the week off last week and it was truly one of the best “vacation” weeks I’ve had in a long time. We actually had a “staycation”, and didn’t travel anywhere except to San Francisco. We walked across the Golden Gate Bridge on Valentine’s Day and we couldn’t have asked for better weather or a more beautiful day. I love the Bay Area! We had a great 12 mile bike ride on Saturday with more sunny weather, and enjoyed delicious dim sum for brunch on Sunday. We both had a chance to enjoy ourselves and relax this past week, and we really made the most of John’s time off.

Our couples therapy is going well. Last week I said that I ignore or disregard any voices that I hear about 99% of the time. I never respond to them like I used to, although I still occasionally here what they say. It’s never anything more than my own thoughts repeated or their own mindless babbling. It’s all meaningless. I hear fewer yelling and less whispering. If I hear anything, I immediately think about something else and focus on my own life and my own thoughts. I also told our therapist last week that the stronger I become mentally, physically and spiritually, the weaker the voices get. I believe that eventually the voices will cease to exist in my life. While I am not waiting around for that day to come – I continue to live my life as best I can – writing, chanting, exercising, cooking, cleaning, visiting with friends and leaving the voices far behind me.

I write daily and aim to finish my memoir draft in early March. I am determined to be a successful writer and I hope to reach as many people as possible.

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

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