Achieving the Greatest Possible Happiness

I chanted for an hour this morning. I focused on the new goals I typed up yesterday. Occasionally my mind wanders when I chant, but usually I am able refocus my prayers. I was chanting not to hear voices anymore, and for my stable mental health. I’m focusing and concentrating better than I was over last summer, but there are times when I still get distracted. If I continue to be stable mentally, and do not allow myself to be influenced by  any negative voices, I will have a great 2012.

Today’s quote in my Daily Encouragement reads: We practice this Buddhism to make our prayers and dreams come true and to achieve the greatest possible happiness. The purpose of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism is to enable us to realize victory. The fact that our prayers are answered proves the correctness of this teaching.

I find this quote very encouraging. I know that I can realize victory in my own life with my Buddhist practice. I’ve been practicing this Buddhism since I was in high school, and I’ve always believed it to be very profound. I’ve always believed in its teachings. I struggle with my faith when I don’t think that my prayers have been answered. When I was 20, I made a goal to work for the United Nations. I finished college, went to graduate school, and moved to Washington, DC with the intent of finding work in the field of international development. I lived in DC for 3 years, but never found work in that field or for the U.N. Eventually I came back to California.

I found another quote that said, when our prayers aren’t answered, it is a manifestation of the Buddha’s wisdom. I found encouragement in this quote because it means there is a reason why our prayers are not always answered. Even if we do not immediately know what the reason is, we may have a better understanding of the experience later in life.

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