I Decided to Boycott CNN Forever

Two weeks ago I wrote a blog post about Kathy Griffin, Anderson Cooper and CNN. I started a lawsuit file because of the issues surrounding their use of a video camera in Spc 64 and the physical pain I was feeling associated with their use of the camera. I did not give anyone my permission […]

Imagine Justice

Yesterday I decided to install a new theme for this website. I was having trouble with fonts and switched to a new theme so I could write blog posts with more creative and artistic font styles. In the midst of trying to change background colors, header images and heading styles, I discovered that exactly six […]

Dinner Tonight with Jim

  I Dream Of You I had a package of boneless chicken breast in the fridge this afternoon, so I decided to prepare all of it for dinner this evening. I had recently bought an Indian chicken dish (chicken tikka masala) from Whole Foods that I liked but I wanted to make something different. I […]

White Supremacy

solar eclipse

Silicon Valley escalates its war on white supremacy I think this it’s good idea for internet-based companies to exert their influence over evil. The censorship of hate speech by companies passes constitutional muster, according to First Amendment experts. But they said there is a downside of thrusting corporations into that role.   Silicon Valley firms […]

I Am Not A Target

Today is World Humanitarian Day 2017. I am #NotATarget.