Taking Responsibility For My Happiness

I had a rough weekend, and my husband has a hard time too. I don’t like the way my illness affects him, and I wish it didn’t. Sometimes I don’t tell him what I hear because I don’t want him to worry about me, but he always wants to know about it when I hear […]

Being Affected By My Voices

The voices that I’ve been hearing tonight have really affected me. When they affect me, they affect my husband too, so I’m going to write another post. My husband keeps telling me that the voices aren’t real. I know that they aren’t real, but they seem real and this is why they affect me. I […]

The NAMI Group & Sadness

This afternoon my husband and I went to a NAMI social gathering at their main office in Santa Clara. We weren’t sure what to expect, but we ended up meeting quite a few friendly people. There was a small group of people playing Bingo, a few others in the middle of a card game, and […]

Changing Poison Into Medicine

I read a little more this afternoon and then chanted for about half an hour. I heard a few more voices that sounded like people talking. Someone said, You’re the one that’s deluded! I thought about that while I was chanting, but I think my perception is pretty clear. I tend to view my experiences from […]

Moving Forward

Last night when I was in bed reading the book I just bought The Buddha & the Borderline, I heard someone say, We want you to take down your blog! I told my husband when he came back into the room. He asked me where I heard the voice from, and I told him it was […]