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Author: Jen


A Book Proposal

I bought a book called Thinking Like Your Editor that is great for getting started on writing nonfiction and nonfiction book proposals. I spent all afternoon today writing a book proposal. My proposal included the actual proposal itself, a Table of Contents, and a sample chapter. A total of about six pages altogether. I have…
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My Introductory Volunteer Session

I went for my first volunteer session this morning. I haven’t actually started yet, but I had to go for a mini training session, where I was shown around the classroom, and introduced to their reading lessons. I am volunteering for a non-profit reading organization, so I will be working with individual students who need…
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My Second Chance At A Career

I’ve been doing so well, and I am really enjoying writing in my blog quite a bit. My symptoms of schizoaffective disorder (primarily the auditory hallucinations) have diminished considerably, and I am enjoying my life, and particularly my marriage quite a bit more. I am not sure exactly what caused my symptoms to decrease from…
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Not Giving Our Symptoms Power

I went to my group therapy class today and we talked about assertiveness, and not giving our symptoms (voices) power over our lives. Both of these topics are great for people suffering from schizoaffective disorder, schizophrenia, and other types of mental illness. Our group leader discussed ways to keep ourselves from giving our voices power…
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A New Strategy

I heard some more voices yesterday afternoon while I was doing Pilates exercises and chanting. I tried not to listen. They were saying something about how “my argument was absurd”. As I have mentioned before, the voices that I hear, (and usually these types of auditory hallucinations in general) are negative. I went to my…
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