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Behavior Issues


Behavior Issues

Sometime last fall, the twenty-something Southeast Asian whore Raul was screwing around with before he left this house decided she was going to be the biggest, bitchiest, shittiest, asshole should could possibly be. She made this decision with a couple of others (Javier & Nasty Ass) and immediately proceeded to put their plan of attack into action. They decided they were going to sit in Spc 64 and piss off as many people as they could and that’s exactly what they did. One year later, they’re “ancient history.” 

I think what happened is the shitty little skank turned into Ms. Skeleton Bitch for awhile and then proceeded to have both her hands cut off because she refused to stop typing up my “thoughts” on Twitter. Javier tormented me nonstop for at least one month straight using the headset so all I heard was his lunacy babbling away in the back of my mind night and day. He’s now an Evil Terrorist, minus the body and sentenced to approximately 4,000 years in the Hell of Incessant Suffering – somewhere deep within the bowels of the Earth. The last time I saw Nasty Ass she was attempting to drive a car with both legs missing. All I saw was her head somewhere in the middle of the driver’s seat and for some reason, I thought she might have shrunk. It turned out she didn’t need the exercise ball they had left for her in one of the guest parking spots outside the house. I’m not sure where Aniston is headed but I know she’s missing half her torso. 

see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

The issue I have at the moment is with a few people associated with Jim Comey. They all have his last name with the exception of Patrice Failor. They include four girls and one boy. The three older ones so far have not spoken much that I have actually heard from my house next door. The younger two are the ones with the most serious issues. 

The youngest is Kate, the second youngest is Collin. Both of them have severe substance abuse problems, behavioral issues and probably mental health challenges as well. Kate has been extremely persistent in harassing me nonstop for the past few days. Collin, less so. After observing (primarily listening) her behavior, I realized this afternoon that her attitude bears a striking resemblance to Ms. Skeleton Bitch. The same snotty, bitchy, whiny, spoiled brat mentality that landed Ms. Creampie (a.ka. Skeleton Bitch) in the Hell of Incessant Suffering. 

Currently, I would recommend that all five people [Maureen, Abby, Claire, Collin, Kate] legally change their last name to either the last name of Patrice [Failor] or an entirely different last name of their choosing. 

What I think happened is that the six of them threatened Jim in some way (perhaps using James “Whitey” Bulger as their “enforcer”), forcing him to legally change their last name to Comey. I’m guessing the reason they did this is to extract as much money out of Jim as they possibly could. 

I might not have written anything except that the youngest was extremely persistent and they started attacking me personally. After a little internet research, it appears to me that they had something staged for I don’t know how many months and/or years in the making – a scheme that specifically targeted both myself and Jim Comey, due to both his plans and my plans to get married to each other. 

For example, I found pictures of two of the girls wearing volleyball jerseys – one with the number 17, and one with the number 11. I found a YouTube video with a young woman singing a song titled “Annie Waits,” the Haverford College Mainliners perform “Annie Waits” by Ben Folds at their Spring Semester Show. Soloist: Kate Comey ’12.

I listened to the song lyrics and it seemed to me as if the person singing may have been referring to myself and Jim. According to the song, I had told Jim that “I wanted to stay single,” purportedly because I was waiting for a friend of mine from high school (Anna), to make her exit out of Spc 64. This never actually happened of course because That’s Not Anna ended up in the Hell of Incessant Suffering with all the rest of the Evil Terrorists. 

It is my understanding that all six of them (Patrice, Maureen, Abby, Claire, Collin, and Kate) have been involved in some form of prostitution, narcotics trafficking and sex trafficking for many years. I think their idea was for the six of them to gain up on Jim, take him out and then go after me. More than likely for the money, or the murder or both. 


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