Better Days

Yesterday was Halloween. I dressed up as an Egyptian Queen and went trick-or-treating with my niece and her kids. It ended up being a really warm day. I didn’t post to my blog yesterday, mainly because I was helping babysit. John went in to work late today, so we went for a jog this morning. We ran 3 miles around the park. While we were jogging, I turned my iPod up so the music was loud. I head a voice say You can do anything you want as long as you don’t chant! I managed to ignore it and we came back and had breakfast with John’s mom and dad. Tomorrow we’re picking up the last of our things from the apartment. Then we’ll put everything else in storage on November 19th. This Saturday we leave for DC. We’re both looking forward to the trip.

Since we’ve been here in Gilroy, I’ve been doing pretty good managing the voices. Friday I had a hard time, but I recovered. I’m doing a lot better now. It’s better to have some company and be around other people. Usually I spend most of the day alone in the apartment. I agree with John, it’s better to listen to music or to have the TV on, rather than complete quiet. Then I focus less on what I hear, and more on my own life. I’m still reading The Center Cannot Hold. She’s still having trouble staying on medication, but she’s been teaching at USC for 5 years now. She’s a very remarkable woman. I find her story encouraging, and I highly recommend this book.

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