Gilroy, Irvine, Michigan, Wyoming and Beyond

As a continued update, I will briefly mention a few of the other communities directly affected by the S/PS/U.S. government nightmare. These are communities IN ADDITION to the majority of Santa Clara County (the San Jose area), San Mateo County, and San Francisco. As I don’t spend much time in the East Bay (Alameda County), that area has been less affected by the insidious evil of these people. 

My in-laws live in Gilroy, CA and starting in 2009 or 2010, these (what was initially a relatively small group of people: S, his son and a few others) people followed me to Gilroy whenever I went there with my husband to visit his family. In the fall of 2011, we decided to move and spent a few months living with my in-laws in Gilroy until we moved back to Sunnyvale five or six months later. It turns out that S had either bought or rented a house in Gilroy, moved there and stayed in Gilroy until we left. The others somehow managed to impose themselves on neighbors.

In any event, the result was a complete nightmare for many thousands of residents of the city of Gilroy. This was not the result of their presence, although their mere presence is certainly a nightmare in and of itself, giving the constant screaming and yelling, in addition to the criminal element (primarily drug dealing) they always attract. Their obvious intent was always to deceive others in an attempt to deflect blame and responsibility for their own behavior, and to make it seem as if I was somehow responsible for their misery. 

Their behavior and actions were (and still are) the same regardless of their location. They have consistently followed me EVERYWHERE I went since 2010-2011. This includes family in Southern California, Wyoming, Michigan, and Washington, DC. These are pathetic, demented people who don’t deserve the lives they have been given. And they should be treated as such. There is absolutely no excuse. 

Call For an Immediate End

Obviously I am more than just a little angry and frustrated with this situation, given the length of time and the nature of the injustices committed against me, my husband, my entire family and many hundreds of thousands of other people. This is why I have decided to post my thoughts more completely. In addition, I plan to announce on this blog immediately when I believe this issue has been completely addressed and the people who stalk and harass me are gone. Until that time/day, I will continue to post reports. 

As I stated in my previous post, this matter concerns two men (one of whom I believed was affiliated with the mafia), in addition to many others. The man I presumed to be [S, the man who has a meth addiction and who follows me everywhere I go 24/7, and who also screams and yells often] affiliated with the mafia, was in reality a present/former CIA agent. He claimed for many years that he was from the mafia, but the truth is he was not. He was a former government agent. So was Preston Scott. 

During the years I started keeping track (from 2011 on), S and his gang of prostitutes/drug dealers/drug addicts travelled with me (on the same plane no less) back and forth to Fort Collins, Colorado. My parents moved to Fort Collins in 2008, and I have made at least one trip each year since that time to visit them in Colorado. EVERY TRIP, EVERY FLIGHT to Denver and back from San Francisco these people accompanied me. Many people also bought and rented homes in the Fort Collins area. Their behavior was the same in Fort Collins as it is here. I have absolutely no idea what they were thinking or what on earth they thought they were doing. Utter insanity. Around 2012, additional groups of people consistently showed up the same flight(s) as me every single trip I made from San Francisco to Denver and back. There were so many people in Fort Collins following me (for absolutely no reason whatsoever), that neighbors started to believe I was only in Fort Collins because of them. They either forgot or didn’t realize that the only reason I was travelling to Fort Collins was because my parents had moved out there. 

It has also been stated that S has/had almost everyone from the CIA/FBI/DOJ in his pocket. The level of corruption and criminal behavior within the U.S. government runs extremely high. I am willing to speculate up to the Vice President. Otherwise, this problem would have been taken care many, many years ago. It is truly an absurd, insane, nightmare and the U.S. government officials responsible should be held accountable for their actions. 

This group of people also fabricated an entire person (and the evidence to go along with it) – vaguely resembling me – whom they used as scapegoat to shift the blame off themselves. Truly miserable and pathetic. The lengths the U.S. government went to in order to absolve themselves of any responsibility or criminal charges are unbelievable. It is for this reason, the United Nations was asked (presumably by Malaysia) to look into this matter, due to the corruption of the U.S. government. I believe Preston Scott and his team were behind the Malaysian jet crash. A jet that was never reported found in the news media. 

Nevermind the fact that I was left entirely out of this matter. My DOG has probably contributed more to this “investigation” than anyone else. All during our walks along the Sunnyvale Bay Trails, she discovered:

  • the large rectangular storage container containing the water-bottle sized bottle which had the gel-like explosive in it. This storage container was located near the Weird Stuff store off Caribbean Ave. 
  • the same water bottle-type container buried near the Sunnyvale Water Treatment Facility after much of it had been removed. Quite a bit was distributed in small injectable vials/syringes that people carried with them in an attempt to get close enough to me to inject me with the explosive gel. This caused a huge fiasco at last summer’s BAWSL soccer league Kelley Cup tournament in Campbell, CA.
  • the other piece of the [centrifuge] we walked past that had been left in the open on the trail across from the Infinera building. This other piece was in the water along the bay trail off San Antonio Rd in Mountain View. 

Needless to say, on any given day I am tracked and followed from place to place by somewhere in the vicinity of 12-15 people, maybe more. I can’t go grocery shopping at Safeway without be followed to the store, into the parking lot, screamed at, into the store where the other customers, employees, managers, etc… are all forced to deal with this insane behavior. The same is true for EVERY place/store/gym I go to. No exceptions. There is no possible way of exaggerating the insanity and the absurdity of this situation. And yet, still nothing is done. 

Since the obvious intent of the U.S. government is to keep as many people as possible in the dark, my intent is to inform as many people as possible with whatever information I happen to have.

Knowledge is power. Silence is deadly.

The World Is Watching

I titled this blog post “The World Is Watching” because it has now been over 13 years since Preston T. Scott and his team tracked me down in Oxnard, California. At the time of this writing, they haven’t left. Presumably comprised of U.S. government employees past and present (CIA, FBI, DOJ, NSA, etc…), Preston Scott created a program to sell/manufacture explosives, in addition to nuclear technology/weapons all within the confines of the U.S. government. Of course 13 years ago in 2002, no one would have believed if I had told them this is what I had suspected from the time I worked for his environmental non-profit/front organization in Washington, DC.

 For no known reason, Preston Scott and his cohorts followed me from Oxnard, CA to Sunnyvale, CA in 2002 when I moved back into my parents house (primarily to escape them and the small group of insane psychopaths who also followed me). In short, since April of 2002 up until the present day, Preston Scott along with his “colleagues” (presumably government agents he recruited) have ON A DAILY BASIS, consistently persecuted, stalked, harassed, mocked, and insulted me. There has been no respite. In addition, another psychotic man (I will call “S”) has been persistently recruiting groups of men and women to undertake the same stalking, harassment, mocking, as well as virtually constant screaming and yelling amplified by speakers that he controls by turning the volume up and down. 

There is no excuse for this to have continued for as long as it has. There is no reason, nor any explanation. The behavior of U.S. government officials is deranged, sad and totally pathetic. Even for the president to tolerate this level of corruption is absurd. It is no wonder the international community became involved and I am sure the International Criminal Court is shocked at the complete lack of cooperation it is getting from the U.S. The president should not be at all surprised if he himself is not indicted into the proceedings as head of state, considering the crimes that were committed by the U.S. government, and his complete failure to both address the issue and cooperate with the United Nations.

Whatever “spokesperson” and additional people Obama is using to address this problem, I am sure are intent only on burying the issue in the hopes that the American public and the international community will never find out the truth about it. My belief is that while the international community (particularly Malaysia since it was their jet that was “lost”) is waiting for the U.S. to hand over Preston Scott, S, and others for trial in the International Criminal Court, the U.S. “investigators” are probably more interesting in delaying action as long as possible to avoid an international trial, keep the matter within U.S. jurisdiction, avoid punishing the principal offenders, bury the story, and keep me silent. 

While everyone else involved in this matter has chosen not to include me in their discussions, I do have a fairly comprehensive idea of what is going on. For example, the people who are still following me around everywhere I go screaming and yelling, harassing retail stores where I frequent. I know several lawsuits have been filed (by numerous retailers) as well as restraining orders in an attempt to keep them away from me. I saw a large piece of silver/metal looking object, obviously left intentionally on the dirt trail across from the Infinera building in Sunnyvale. Possibly part of a nuclear weapon? And yet, still nothing has changed. My question is why?

A Woman of Unlimited Self-Esteem

When I first started chanting deeply about my problem with the insane people in my environment, I believed I had done something wrong. I believed there was something wrong with me, some negative part of me I needed to change so they would go away. Now I know this belief was very wrong. The truth is the exact opposite. I had never done anything wrong, I was not to blame and I am not a bad person. After many hours of chanting and prayer, I now know the one aspect of my life I needed to change was my fear of talking to other people and my lack of self-confidence. I needed the courage to assert myself, speak up for myself and to have complete confidence in my own choices. I’ve always had the tendency to look to others for reassurance and approval. Now, I realize I need to rely on myself. 

self esteem, self confidence, women, courage, buddhism

Women especially suffer from a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. Society does not raise girls with the confidence to believe in themselves. For me, the constant mocking, persecution and harassment I experienced over the past thirteen plus years drove out the confidence and self-reliance I once possessed. Fortunately, I have a great support system and my Buddhist practice. My chanting, my husband, and my family have helped me realize what I really need to work on in my life – becoming a woman of unlimited self-esteem.


An Attitude of Gratitude

Our topic for last night’s Buddhist discussion meeting was Gratitude. At first I couldn’t think of anything to share other than my usual response: “There’s always someone who is worse off than me.” While this is true – I only need to briefly remind myself of the impoverished conditions of people living in developing countries – I didn’t want to give the same tired answer again. I reflected briefly on my morning prayers over the past few days and decided to share this brief experience at my meeting.  

On Monday morning, I decided to spend the majority of my hour to an hour and a half chanting time dedicated to praying for my own happiness. We don’t always know what we need in our lives to make us truly happy. Many people mistake material goods, the great job, a brand new car or a perfect relationship for happiness. While we do achieve a certain amount of happiness once we have attained our goal, the happiness is transitory – it rarely lasts. We lose our job, crash the car, break up with our boy/girlfriend, and once again we are miserable. Real happiness only comes from within. 

gratitude, appreciation, prayer, chanting, discussion, buddhism, happiness

On Monday and Tuesday, I briefly chanted for friends and family members, my Buddhist group, and for the constant nightmare in my life to end. I spent the rest of the time chanting for my own happiness – for me to be the happiest woman. I definitely noticed a change in my life after chanting this way, and I continued chanting in this manner Wednesday morning as well. Afterward, I felt happier, a little more cheerful, and a lot less angry!

I noticed that it was difficult for me to chant solely for my own happiness, as if I should always put others first. I realized that chanting for my own happiness isn’t selfish, but instead leads to developing appreciation and gratitude for my own life and for the lives of those around me.