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Our Own Unique & Irreplaceable Mission in Life

I have 20 days left of my Pubslush campaign for my upcoming memoir Never Give Up: Buddhism, Family & Schizophrenia. I haven’t raised much money so far, but there’s still time! I put quite a bit of time into creating my memoir profile on Pubslush, so even if I’m not entirely successful, I’m still proud of my…
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New Website Focus: Buddhism & Mental Health

I updated my RSS feed today with Google Feedburner. The new link is and is now on the right sidebar of this website. Recently I decided to focus my website on the topics of Buddhism and mental health. My memoir is largely about Buddhism, family and mental health, and I’ve decided this is the…
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A New Interview on EatSleepWrite

I’m visiting my parents this week near Denver but I have a few new activities that I’ve finished to share with my readers. I created a profile for my memoir on Pubslush, a crowdfunding site for books. I’d like to raise enough money to publish my memoir with Berkeley-based SheWrites Press as well as pay…
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Becoming A Person of Unlimited Self-Esteem

I recently read a very encouraging article titled How to Become Women and Men of Unlimited Self-Esteem written by SGI-USA General Director Danny Nagashima. I’ve always lacked self-confidence and self-esteem and I really try to work on this aspect of myself whenever I can. Self-confidence and self-esteem (or lack of) has a lot to do with…
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What We Value Most As a Society

Saturday morning Adam Scull from EatSleepWrite interviewed me for his weekly podcast show. Adam interviewed me for about 30 minutes and we had a great discussion about my upcoming memoir. I admit I was very nervous, but the whole question and answer session made me feel much better about giving interviews. It wasn’t an in-person interview…
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