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“The Voices Never Stopped” Kindle Edition Is Available on Amazon!

Finally! I’ve published my Kindle “mini” ebook, The Voices Never Stopped on Amazon. Please feel free to download the Kindle ebook for $1.99 or preview a sample chapter for free. Kindle has a free app available to use on other devices if you don’t have a Kindle reader. The Voices Never Stopped is an introduction to…
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Challenging My Weaknesses & Fighting the Devilish Functions

I took Savannah for a slightly longer than usual walk today. She wanted to walk off the beaten path and onto the Yahoo! campus next to the bay trail. She was so stubborn that I finally gave in and let her lead the way across the brown wooden bridge into the Yahoo! parking lot. I…
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Defeating the Devilish Functions

I took Savannah for a walk earlier this morning along the bay and saw a few men with binoculars and cameras walking along the same path we usually walk. One of the men tried to give Savannah a treat, but she didn’t eat it. She growled a little and we turned around and walked the…
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New Avatar Therapy Helps Schizophrenia Patients Control Their Voices

The King’s College of London will be conducting a broader study based on an already proven effective therapy method that helps patients suffering from auditory hallucinations that are symptoms of schizophrenia. The University College of London (UCL) has recently developed a therapy method for schizophrenia patients that has proven very successful at helping patients manage,…
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Download My Memoir Chapter “Buddhism!”

I am currently offering my memoir chapter “Buddhism” as a free downloadable PDF file on my website. Please feel free to download as many copies as you like, as many times as you like.   Click on the link below to download or view the PDF file. Buddhism _________________________________________________________ I really appreciated Brooke Warner and Howard…
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