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Is Rawson-Neal a Suitable Place for the Mentally Ill?

I was extremely shocked and very surprised when I heard a story on the local news recently about a Nevada psychiatric hospital that has been discharging mentally ill patients with nothing more than a one-way bus ticket out of state. The Sacramento Bee reported that the Las Vegas Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital bought bus tickets for…
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Confidence Is Still the Key

I continued revising my manuscript this afternoon. I realize that I’ve got quite a bit of material to work with, but it needs to be better developed. Now I’m on my 2nd draft. Still, it’s coming along and I feel like I’m on the right track. I keep telling myself, as difficult as it is…
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Starting An SGI Buddhist Mental Health Group

I created a new Facebook author page for myself today, so now I have two Facebook pages. My new Facebook page I am linking to this website and it will provide information about my memoir, as well as notes and news about mental health issues, writing resources, and publishing. Please feel free to check it…
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CureTalk Panel Talk Show on Mental Health – May 14th

Exciting news!! CureTalk will host Dr. Kamran Fallahpour on the first Cure Panel Talk Show on Mental Health on Tuesday, May 14th from 4-5pm PST. Dr. Fallahpour is a Clinical Psychologist and the director of the Brain Resource Center in New York. The topic will be “The Latest Treatments Under Research for Mental Health Disorders.” I have the honor of…
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Living With Confidence Rather Than Fear

I have been starting to think of a new subtitle for my memoir. I like the “Never Give Up” part, but the rest I have received feedback about that has caused me to rethink the “Buddhism, Family & Schizoaffective Disorder” part. For me, these 3 components are the most crucial aspects of my memoir. My…
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