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Halloween 2012

My husband had the week off last week. We had a “staycation” and spent most of our time relaxing. We had a fun Halloween party on Saturday with John’s family and a few neighbors and friends. The kids definitely had the most fun! I didn’t do much writing last week, but I’m getting back into…
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Struggling, Bullying, Suicide, Self-Harm: Amanda Todd

This morning before breakfast John and I watched a video posted a month ago on You Tube by Canadian 15 year old Amanda Todd. Amanda’s video was a cry for help and she described in detail how she was taken advantage of by an internet predator and then subsequently bullied relentlessly by her peers at…
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Sharing My Experience & Developing a Sense of Appreciation

Last week at my Buddhist planning meeting I volunteered to share my experience at our monthly discussion meeting coming up next week. I feel very fortunate to be able to share my experience with my Buddhist friends, as well as my family, friends and the online community. I haven’t written down what specifically I’m going…
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A New Definition of Progress

I read an interesting article in my Living Buddhism magazine yesterday that featured a dialogue between SGI President Ikeda and the British historian Arnold Toynbee. The dialogue was an excerpt from the book Choose Life: A Dialogue. In this article Ikeda state’s that “As mankind has made technological progress, its standards of morality have tended to decline,” and…
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Viewing Illness As An Opportunity

I feel like I am still continuing to improve steadily, day by day. I work on being more productive during the day which includes writing, grocery shopping, cooking meals, keeping the house clean, and taking Savannah for walks. So far, so good! I’ve been getting together once a week with a few other women from…
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