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A Great Example of World Peace in San Francisco

I’m continuing to make progress and I feel like I’m leaving the voices further and further behind. Emotionally I’m doing much better than before, especially last year. I continue to make progress on my memoir, and I’m really making an effort to delve into the issues I was dealing with at various times in my…
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Music Can Change the World

I went to my monthly Buddhist discussion meeting on Tuesday night and we watched, listened to, and sang along with an incredible, amazing, soulful, and wonderfully unique music video from a movement called Playing For Change. There are numerous performances available to watch on the website, but we saw the One Love video featuring musicians from…
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Avoiding Social Isolation

I had my therapy appointment yesterday, and it went really well. I talked to my therapist about my struggle with “social isolation”, and said that I really wanted to get out of the house more and interact with other people. That was partly why I went to play indoor soccer last week, for fun, but…
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Never Give Up

I decided to request my medical records from my first two hospitalizations. I received my records from Massachusetts General Hospital yesterday, and John and I spent some time reading what my records said. I was hospitalized at Mass General in November, 2000 and released the day after Thanksgiving. I remember quite a bit about what…
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A New, Better State of Mind

I sprained my ankle playing indoor soccer a few days ago, so I’ve been trying to keep my foot elevated and iced. I had so much fun playing though, it was worth it! John and I are going to look for an outdoor, co-ed soccer team so we can both play (and not injure ourselves…
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