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The Heart Is The Most Important

I’ve heard voices a little bit every once and awhile over the past week or so. I noticed that while my brother and sister-in-law were here, I didn’t hear them. Mostly what I heard was a woman’s voice mocking and imitating me, kind of like an echo. This wasn’t frightening or scary, mostly just irritating…
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One Year Hospitalization Anniversary

I went to my first appointment with my new therapist today. The voices are starting to bother me again. I’m seriously considering trying a new medication, but I want to talk it over with my husband first. I have no idea why my brain does this, but I know it wasn’t always this way. I…
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My Big Benefits In Life

I submitted my memoir proposal to a few more literary agencies this week. I keep writing and making notes of my ideas of what I’d like to include in my memoir. The more I write, the more I remember, and the more ideas I have of what I can add. I want to tell a…
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Back To Group Therapy

I’ve been doing pretty well lately. Last week I had a headache that lasted a few days, and then finally went away. I usually keep taking Advil periodically until the headache goes away completely. I’ve also been looking for freelance writing work, and finishing up a few articles that I started a few weeks ago.…
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I’m very happy to write that I’m doing great! Not perfect of course, but then who is? My mom and dad came for a visit last week, and we didn’t go anywhere! Actually, we went to Monterey one day when John took a day off work, but other than that we stayed at home! This…
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