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Improving My Communication & Social Skills

I had a very good weekend! John & I were very productive! We washed both of our cars, took the dogs for a walk, went furniture shopping, and even jogged 3 miles around the park! I admit that occasionally during the week when John is working I have less motivation. Sometimes I get lazy and…
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Let The Wall Go

I had a very good therapy session on Tuesday. I talked to my therapist about how I sometimes slip back into old habits and try to make sense of what the voices have said to me. I told her that that trying to talk to the voices in my head was like trying to talk…
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Courage In Faith

I was able to focus pretty well this morning while I was chanting. I focused on our health, and our families’ health and happiness. I continue chanting to be able to use my writing to create value, and to eventually publish my memoir. I know I have a long way to go, but I think…
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It’s Not A Conspiracy

I chanted for an hour this morning. I continue to work on staying focused while I chant. I am also trying to be more specific about what I want and what my goals are. At my therapy appointment last Tuesday, we talked about the suspiciousness I have of other people. I started noticing this especially…
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Staying Happy, Healthy & Positive

I’m still trying to maintain consistency and chant twice a day. I tend to get distracted or tired in the afternoons, so I haven’t always been chanting twice a day. I did chant an hour this morning, and took Savannah to the pet store to get more dog food. I met with my sister-in-law yesterday…
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