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Keeping Active & Controlling My Paranoia

I woke up early again this morning when John left for work. Savannah is getting the hang of her housetraining, so I’m glad! I’m feeling better than a few days ago. I think as I keep moving forward in the new year, I will feel even better. I’m still trying to chant 2 hours a…
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Contributing To World Peace

I got up very early this morning. John left for work, and I got out of bed to take our new puppy for a walk. I named her Savannah. We took her with us today to my therapy appointment in Los Altos. She spent most of the car ride relaxing on my brother-in-law’s lap. Now…
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Achieving the Greatest Possible Happiness

I chanted for an hour this morning. I focused on the new goals I typed up yesterday. Occasionally my mind wanders when I chant, but usually I am able refocus my prayers. I was chanting not to hear voices anymore, and for my stable mental health. I’m focusing and concentrating better than I was over…
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Writing Specific Goals for 2012

At the end of the day yesterday I typed up a new list of goals for 2012 to put on my altar. They include my mental health goals (managing the voices), financial goals (earning a steady income with commercial writing), and relationship goals so that my husband and I have a happy marriage. If I…
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Happy New Year! The Power of the Spirit

The New Year is finally here! Happy 2012! I’m getting back into my routine after the holidays and visits with family and friends. We were happy to celebrate Christmas with almost everyone on John’s side of the family. His brother’s family drove up from L.A. He hasn’t been here in 4 years! I called my…
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