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A Physics & Buddhism Article

Today my husband and I woke up earlier than we did yesterday. We ate breakfast, and went to the gym. We enjoyed ourselves playing basketball in the gym. The basketball was stuck in between the hoop and the backboard, so I used another basketball to knock it down. We finished our workout, and then went…
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Enjoying Ourselves In Colorado

We are enjoying ourselves at my parents house in Colorado. We woke up late today, and I decided to write a blog post since I didn’t write one yesterday. I want to keep writing for my website, so I think it’s a good idea to write every day. I chanted a little bit in the…
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Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary!

Last night I finished my million daimoku (chanting/prayer) campaign. I started it in June, 2010. I completed my campaign in a year and a half, and was able to change my life. Today I started a new daimoku campaign, although I haven’t decided on my goals yet. Today is also our 3rd wedding anniversary! We’re…
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Invincible Conviction

I went to my therapy appointment yesterday, and then to my Kaiser group afterward. Both meetings were helpful and encouraging. I talked to my therapist about Monday’s blog post. She had read over it, and we discussed a few of the things I had written about. First we went over why I started to rethink…
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My Gratitude List

I read an email from a freelance writer’s blog earlier today. One of the suggestions listed on the blog was to write a gratitude list of everything that you are thankful for. I thought this was a good idea, so here is mine: 1. my wonderful husband & his loving family 2. my own life,…
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