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Lawsuit Filing Against Kathy Griffin / Anderson Cooper CNN 360

Kathy Griffin / Anderson Cooper purportedly for CNN and Anderson 360 Lawsuit filed on behalf of Jennifer L Myers – Jim Comey August 11, 2017 3-4 days of constant “monitoring”/stalking, etc… Video Equipment – heavy duty extremely heavy painful pressure on the brain, perhaps leading to severe migraines if I don’t keep my head held…
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We’re Going To Stay Right Here – Forever

We’re going to stay right here. Forever. Aren’t we? I woke up at 5am this morning. Unfortunately, the only thing I woke up to was an argument between Anna Javier and Michelle Rodriguez. I’m keeping a list of people (both men and women) who have consistently harassed and sexually harassed me during the time they…
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sea dragon 1996

The Carousel Ride

What does it say about someone when they are unable to apologize? When a person cannot even utter those two words to help her son heal the past and close old wounds that never should have been opened in the first place? I will never understand how anyone could treat a child the way in…
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Life On Earth

As far as I can tell, for whatever the reason, the people who are responsible for perhaps 80% of the worlds international narcotics trafficking are all here in Spc 64. They are murders, rapists, torturers and terrorists. They have attempted to destroy the U.S. by corrupting and manipulating the government, forcing people into addiction, and…
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One Year Anniversary At Spc 64

Based on the fact that the people who constantly torment, harass, and abuse me on a daily basis are still present in the house next door, I decided to write a more specific and detailed blog post(s) about what’s been happening over the past year, as well as more detailed information about the events of…
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