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Mimosas on Sunday

I wrote another page and a half in my book yesterday. It’s coming along, but sometimes I find it difficult to think back and remember what happened. It’s like reliving the experience all over again, and mostly I just want to forget. I think the best thing I did was to start keeping a journal,…
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An Invincible Spirit

I wrote another page in my book yesterday. I’m following the table of contents I wrote up for my book proposal, but it’s going pretty slow. So far I’ve written about 8 single-spaced pages, and I figured that if I want to end up with a 200-300 page book, I’ll need about 100 single-spaced pages!…
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The Courage to Write

John and I came back from DC on Saturday. I think we’re still a little jet-lagged though. We had a lot of fun, and saw quite a bit. We were able to visit Arlington National Cemetery and hear two Supreme Court arguments. We also visited the Library of Congress and the National Archives where the…
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Washington, DC

John and I have been in DC now for 3 days, and we’re really enjoying our visit! We’re staying with my brother and his family for the week. We went to the 49ers/Redskins game on Sunday, walked through Dupont Circle to the White House and back on Monday, and today we toured the White House…
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Exposure for Aspiring Writers

Tomorrow we leave for DC! I chanted earlier this morning for about 20 minutes. I found a website called The Whistling Fire through a Linked In Women’s Memoir group that I joined. I decided to join Linked In a few days ago, and found that quite a few of my friends and family are also…
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