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Inner Change

I chanted for an hour this morning. While I was chanting the voices were telling me not to chant, or to put a time limit on how much I chant. Then they said I couldn’t write in my blog about them, or collect state disability. Someone else said they (the voices) were working very hard…
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My Psychiatrist Appointment

I feel better today than I did yesterday. I went to my psychiatrist appointment this morning, and we discussed my symptoms and medication. I told him I was experiencing symptoms daily, but that I didn’t want to change the medication. I am currently on the maximum dosage of Seroquel and Invega. He asked me if…
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I had my therapy appointment yesterday. We talked mostly about the Thought Record. I told my therapist that sometimes, the voices that I hear are saying something in response to what I am thinking about at the time. She said that was an important point, and she was glad that I had brought that up.…
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Encouraging Stories

My husband and I spent the weekend at his parents house in Gilroy. We brought some boxes down on Friday night, and on Saturday, John took his dad back to Sunnyvale to get some more things. We’ve moved a lot of our stuff, but we still have the heavy furniture and our clothes. I’m going…
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More Threats

I talked to John last night about some of the things the voices were saying yesterday. I guess they were starting to affect me because I ended up canceling my tutoring session. I didn’t want to go because it felt weird and kind of creepy. When I’ve gone in the past, I’ve felt a little…
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