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Our Limitless Strength & Wisdom

I went to my monthly Buddhist discussion meeting last night in Cupertino. Two young men played an Afro-Cuban rhythm on the drums accompanied by a saxophone. We also discussed an article titled “Our Limitless Strength and Wisdom”. The article discusses the idea of never seeking our Buddha nature or enlightenment outside ourselves, and that whether…
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Support & Encouragement

Last night I went to my therapy session in Los Altos. We had a good session. I printed out my blog from yesterday, and we went over what I had written. My therapist pointed out that I had several good coping strategies for dealing with the voices. I am looking forward to the future (our…
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Battling the Negativity

John and I drove back from Gilroy yesterday morning. I went to a Buddhist meeting at the Buddhist center in Santa Clara, and it was very encouraging. A few women shared their experiences, and another woman gave a brief study presentation on faith. One quote reads, “Buddhism is like an ocean that one can only…
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More Voices

Last night I heard a voice say You’re ugly on the inside and the outside! I tried not to let it get to me. My voices have a tendency to be extremely critical of me, so I know that I can’t spend time thinking about what they say. This morning, I heard another voice say We…
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Creating Value With My Life

Last night my Buddhist leader came over to chant and talk. I had talked to Michelle a few months ago, back in April, about the voices I was hearing. I told her a little about what had happened in the past, and about how I thought that people were following me around, making threats and…
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