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My Book Project

My husband and I were discussing moving out of our apartment complex last night. We are looking at our options and considering what types of housing are available in Sunnyvale in our price range. Houses are pretty much out of the question, but we have been considering condos (preferably a 2 bedroom), and mobile homes…
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First Day of Tutoring

I went for my first day of volunteer tutoring this morning. It was great. A really good experience. I met the 2nd grade boy I was paired up with, and he was very bright and enthusiastic, also a little nervous. I was a little nervous myself, but I think we’ll do well together. The site…
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Life Is A Multitude of Opportunities

I had a better day yesterday than on Saturday or Sunday. I met with my therapist last night, and we talked about my depression over the weekend. I told her how the voices affected me and made me sad. We discussed mindfulness for a little while. I had started doing research online about mindfulness, but…
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New Dreams

Over the weekend, I decided to create a weekly/daily schedule that I can follow to keep my days more structured. I printed it out so I can look at every day. So far it seems to be working. Slowly but surely, my schedule is getting filled up. I heard a few more voices earlier today while…
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Taking Responsibility For My Happiness

I had a rough weekend, and my husband has a hard time too. I don’t like the way my illness affects him, and I wish it didn’t. Sometimes I don’t tell him what I hear because I don’t want him to worry about me, but he always wants to know about it when I hear…
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