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Obviously I am more than just a little angry and frustrated with this situation, given the length of time and the nature of the injustices committed against me, my husband, my entire family and many hundreds of thousands of other people. This is why I have decided to post my thoughts more completely. In addition, I plan to announce on this blog immediately when I believe this issue has been completely addressed and the people who stalk and harass me are gone. Until that time/day, I will continue to post reports. 

As I stated in my previous post, this matter concerns two men (one of whom I believed was affiliated with the mafia), in addition to many others. The man I presumed to be [S, the man who has a meth addiction and who follows me everywhere I go 24/7, and who also screams and yells often] affiliated with the mafia, was in reality a present/former CIA agent. He claimed for many years that he was from the mafia, but the truth is he was not. He was a former government agent. So was Preston Scott. 

During the years I started keeping track (from 2011 on), S and his gang of prostitutes/drug dealers/drug addicts travelled with me (on the same plane no less) back and forth to Fort Collins, Colorado. My parents moved to Fort Collins in 2008, and I have made at least one trip each year since that time to visit them in Colorado. EVERY TRIP, EVERY FLIGHT to Denver and back from San Francisco these people accompanied me. Many people also bought and rented homes in the Fort Collins area. Their behavior was the same in Fort Collins as it is here. I have absolutely no idea what they were thinking or what on earth they thought they were doing. Utter insanity. Around 2012, additional groups of people consistently showed up the same flight(s) as me every single trip I made from San Francisco to Denver and back. There were so many people in Fort Collins following me (for absolutely no reason whatsoever), that neighbors started to believe I was only in Fort Collins because of them. They either forgot or didn’t realize that the only reason I was travelling to Fort Collins was because my parents had moved out there. 

It has also been stated that S has/had almost everyone from the CIA/FBI/DOJ in his pocket. The level of corruption and criminal behavior within the U.S. government runs extremely high. I am willing to speculate up to the Vice President. Otherwise, this problem would have been taken care many, many years ago. It is truly an absurd, insane, nightmare and the U.S. government officials responsible should be held accountable for their actions. 

This group of people also fabricated an entire person (and the evidence to go along with it) – vaguely resembling me – whom they used as scapegoat to shift the blame off themselves. Truly miserable and pathetic. The lengths the U.S. government went to in order to absolve themselves of any responsibility or criminal charges are unbelievable. It is for this reason, the United Nations was asked (presumably by Malaysia) to look into this matter, due to the corruption of the U.S. government. I believe Preston Scott and his team were behind the Malaysian jet crash. A jet that was never reported found in the news media. 

Nevermind the fact that I was left entirely out of this matter. My DOG has probably contributed more to this “investigation” than anyone else. All during our walks along the Sunnyvale Bay Trails, she discovered:

  • the large rectangular storage container containing the water-bottle sized bottle which had the gel-like explosive in it. This storage container was located near the Weird Stuff store off Caribbean Ave. 
  • the same water bottle-type container buried near the Sunnyvale Water Treatment Facility after much of it had been removed. Quite a bit was distributed in small injectable vials/syringes that people carried with them in an attempt to get close enough to me to inject me with the explosive gel. This caused a huge fiasco at last summer’s BAWSL soccer league Kelley Cup tournament in Campbell, CA.
  • the other piece of the [centrifuge] we walked past that had been left in the open on the trail across from the Infinera building. This other piece was in the water along the bay trail off San Antonio Rd in Mountain View. 

Needless to say, on any given day I am tracked and followed from place to place by somewhere in the vicinity of 12-15 people, maybe more. I can’t go grocery shopping at Safeway without be followed to the store, into the parking lot, screamed at, into the store where the other customers, employees, managers, etc… are all forced to deal with this insane behavior. The same is true for EVERY place/store/gym I go to. No exceptions. There is no possible way of exaggerating the insanity and the absurdity of this situation. And yet, still nothing is done. 

Since the obvious intent of the U.S. government is to keep as many people as possible in the dark, my intent is to inform as many people as possible with whatever information I happen to have.

Knowledge is power. Silence is deadly.

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