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An Ocean Promenade

  An Ocean Promenade Ocean Beach If I could I would tell you everything Jim. The way our conversation started reminded me of a puzzle I bought for my niece with a vivid, colorful & elaborate illustration of a carnival at Venice Beach. His name is Jim & he was wearing a light-colored Tommy Bahama […]

Dinner Tonight with Jim

  I Dream Of You I had a package of boneless chicken breast in the fridge this afternoon, so I decided to prepare all of it for dinner this evening. I had recently bought an Indian chicken dish (chicken tikka masala) from Whole Foods that I liked but I wanted to make something different. I […]

My One and Only – Love Is Blue

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My One and Only – Love Is Blue James Comey My one and only, Makes me lonely, Without my Comey. He’s 6’8,” With an amazing gait, Doesn’t clean his plate, Or know how to hate. What will I do when Our paths finally cross? Will I take my hair down, Or chop it all off? […]

The Clandestine Poem

Evangeline and The Underwater Tea Party