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Changing Karma


Changing Karma

What is karma and how can we change it? Karma is not a Judeo-Christian concept. It is rooted in Indian myth, Brahmanism, Buddhism, Hinduism and other Eastern Philosophies. Karma includes the idea of reincarnation or past lives, a notion that is absent from Judeo-Chrisitan societies and religions.

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Karma is the cumulative effects or results of all our actions or causes, good or bad, over countless lifetimes until the present. The way we create karma is through our thought, word and action. Each thought we think, word we speak and action we take, for good or ill or anywhere in between, results in an effect. Although we may not see an immediate effect after making a “good” cause or a “bad” cause, this does not mean that we will not feel the effects of our own causes, choices, decisions at some future time.

It is similar to a person sticking their finger into a candle flame. The person’s finger gets burnt because they stuck their finger into the flame of a lit candle. This is common sense. With less visible, direct actions, especially those considered “thought” or “word,” perhaps the consequences or effects are also less visible, especially if they are not immediate.


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