Christmas Shopping In Estes Park, Colorado

Today John & I drove to Estes Park with my mom & dad. We ate pizza for lunch, did some window shopping, and drove into Rocky Mountain National Park. My dad bought a few different flavors of saltwater taffy. I tried a lemon-flavored piece, and it wasn’t even sour! We also explored a Christmas store with a huge variety of Christmas tree ornaments. I really liked looking at all the unique types of tree ornaments the store had on display. There was a small collection of musical instrument ornaments toward the back of the store. I recognized a violin, an alto sax, a soprano sax, and a grand piano. The miniature violin ornament even came with its own miniature violin case!

While John was showing me an ornament that he wanted to buy for our tree, I heard the John Lennon song “Let It Be” playing in the background. This song reminds me of my husband, because his favorite band is the Beatles. John also bought an angel for our sister-in-law, a snowflake for his parents, and a Family Guy ornament for his brother. We’re doing most of our Christmas shopping while we’re here in Fort Collins!

We enjoyed ourselves, and had a good afternoon, but I seem to be having trouble communicating. I have always been a quiet person, and tend to listen to other people talk, rather than join the conversation. Now, I have trouble following my family’s conversation. I wait for the perfect moment to join the conversation, and after I’ve finally thought of something to say, the moment has passed. John worries about me when I am not talking, or if he thinks my mind is somewhere else (listening to voices). I heard one voice last night, but I ignored it. Now, I think John & I will move forward together. We have a few more days to enjoy here in Colorado, and when we return to Gilroy, I’m going to start working on my writing again. Hopefully, I’ll be able to earn money by writing!

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