Christmas & the New Year

I woke up early this morning, and chanted for an hour. Afterward, I went with John’s parents and his brother to a Catholic mass in Morgan Hill. I said a silent prayer for John’s sister who died last summer. I also said a silent prayer for John and both of our families. I read a message from President and Michelle Obama earlier today. At the end of the message, Michelle Obama encourages us to spend the holidays with our friends and family. I liked her message, and I think the holidays are a great time to get together with family. My parents and brothers will be together in DC, while my husband John and I will be here in Gilroy with his family. The last Christmas I spent with my family was 3 years ago. We met at my brother’s house in Jackson Hole. It was a great Christmas with tons and tons of snow. We went hiking, snowmobiling, and swimming in Granite Creek Hot Springs while it was snowing!

My husband and I are hoping that my mom and dad, and maybe even both of my brothers will visit us next year after we move into our new home in Sunnyvale. We’ll finally have a guest room! We’re looking forward to moving next spring, and inviting over our friends and family to visit. We’ll also have an office so that I can work on my writing from home! If I can continue to ignore the voices, and not allow myself to be influenced by them, I think everything will go well for us. Happy Holidays!

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