Contributing To World Peace

I got up very early this morning. John left for work, and I got out of bed to take our new puppy for a walk. I named her Savannah. We took her with us today to my therapy appointment in Los Altos. She spent most of the car ride relaxing on my brother-in-law’s lap. Now she is sleeping next to me.

I’ve been focusing on my new goals for the past few days. I really want to be stable enough to focus on my writing, and start earning a steady income. I am often discouraged by my voices, although I am doing better than last summer and fall. I read an encouraging article about a man in France who was trying to decide whether or not to buy a new house. SGI President Ikeda gave him the following advice: You should make a pledge to carry out kosen-rufu (world peace) for the sake of the happiness and prosperity of the people of France and chant wholeheartedly for that. When you pray based on this type of pledge or vow, the Buddha nature within your own life will open up and raise your life-condition to such a degree that you can even move the universe. When that happens, you will be able to realize your wish to buy a house without fail.

I like to think that my own life has the strength and power to move the universe! Wow! How wonderful it is! I decided to pray to fulfill my vow as a Bodhisattva of the Earth, and contribute to kosen-rufu with my writing. I am focusing on my blog, commercial writing, and my memoir. I hope that I can contribute to kosen-rufu with everything that I write.

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