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Addressing young people, SGI President Ikeda affirms that when confronted by cruel reality, if we cannot feel hope, it is time to create some. We can do this by digging deeper within, searching for even a small glimmer of light, for the possibility of a way to begin to break through the impasse before us.

 – Daisaku Ikeda, October 16, 2015, World Tribune 

This is how I often feel before I get out of bed in the morning – “confronted by cruel reality.” Especially when I don’t want to get out of bed and live the day. I get tired of all the people following me around and all the screaming and yelling. I read this essay last week sometime and felt encouraged. The article and the idea of “creating hope” gave me the motivation to create a little more hope and happiness in my own life. It didn’t take too much effort, all I did was think of a few things to work on that I enjoy and help me envision a more positive future.

First, I decided to revisit the second memoir I started writing last year but hadn’t worked in eight or nine months. My second memoir is about my experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic, but it’s still in the very beginning stages. When I started working on it again, I felt better. I discovered how much I remembered from the two years I spent overseas and how much I still have to write. This did involve some effort on my part. Writing, especially memoir requires me to delve into my memories and as President Ikeda says, “dig deeper.” By digging deeper, I was able to shift my thoughts away from my external environment and back towards my own life. In other words, I was able to distract myself and focus less on my own unhappiness, and more on the positive aspects of my life, even if they were in the past.

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I also decided to get really creative and wrote a children’s poem in the style of Shel Silverstein. My poem made me laugh and the funny thing is, I “wrote” it while taking a shower. A few hours later, I decided to type it up and save it on the computer before I forgot all the words. I’ve also spent more time working on the SundanceKid Press website. I hired an intern to write a weekly blog for SundanceKid Press starting in November, and I’m really looking forward to working with her.

Hope is a decision.

Life is definitely looking up and I can’t wait until this is over and these people are gone from my life for good.

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