In June of 2012, I was invited by CureTalk’s scientific media editor, Priya Menon to write guest blog posts for CureTalk’s mental health blog. My interview with Priya was posted on the CureTalk blog, and I have been writing guest blog posts twice a month since. CureTalk is the blog for TrialX, a website that connects patients and families with clinical trials. CureTalk also has sections devoted to diabetes, myeloma, and prostate health. My CureTalk posts are listed below in chronological order starting with my interview. Thanks for reading!


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A woman who makes offerings to such a Gohonzon invites happiness in this life, and in the next, the Gohonzon will be with her and protect her always. Like a lantern in the dark, like a strong guide and porter on a treacherous mountain path, the Gohonzon will guard and protect you, Nichinyo, wherever you go.

— Nichiren Daishonin